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Determining the forbidden shape of the cross

Adultery committed by the wife, does it make divorce obligatory

Islamic ruling concerning the traveller's prayer with congregation

Ruling concerning wearing shoes and clothes made of pig’s skin

Sharing of the gift among children

Considering the unusual body discharge as a nullifier of Al-Wudoo

Ruling regarding woman who knows she will be pure of menses after dawn

Purification bath for woman in menses who becomes Janaabah

Validity of fasting of one who wakes up in a state of Janaaba

Counting the Zakaat from the loan (Al-Qardh)

Candies made of gelatine and cheese containing rennet

An affair of partnership

The agricultural banking subsidy

Giving bribe in order to remove harm of taxes

Buying a house through the bank

Ruling concerning selling hairdressing instruments

How to get rid of bank interests

The earned money through life insurance

Dealing with the bank

Receiving payment for teaching Qur'aan

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